2 Cute Styles for Short Natural Type 4 Hair

2 Cute Styles for Short Natural Type 4 Hair

Type 4 hair is not the easiest to manage, particularly when it is short. Harder still is styling. I know I got some funny looks on some of my more challenging days when I first started rocking my coils. Lucky for me, I found a few videos on You Tube that changed things, and with a bit of creativity, I was soon getting admiring looks. (In my mind, right?)

Short hair is also known as the Teeny Weeny Afro or TWA, and is a time in your Natural Journey that you will always remember with fondness, especially if you can learn to do these hairstyles, and even add your own special twists.

Finger Coiling

This easy style requires only a moisturizer and some gel, and you’ll have everyone wondering if you loc’d your hair. After the coils have dried, you can style them to suit y our mood and look for the day. They generally last for 3 to 5 days. Please see this video from GirlwithKinks.



The Frohawk

As the name suggests, this style is a cross between an Afro and a Mowhawk. It is quick and easy to do, requires very little manipulation, and looks really good. You can try it out on freshly washed and conditioned hair, or an old twist-out. The tools you’ll need are some bobby pins, gel,  and a brush (very soft bristle, and no over-brushing please). JC Love Beauty does hers in this video in less than 5 minutes.

It might be a good idea to try a new hairstyle during the weekend when you’ll have time to play with it and see what works for you, and also to quickly do something else if it doesn’t work out, lol! It is good to note that it usually takes a few attempts to get it to look just like it does in the video, and that different Hair Types give different results, so don’t try so hard to copy it exactly, play with it, and make it yours.

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