How to Treat Dry Skin

How to Treat Dry Skin

Dry skin is a pretty common issue for a lot of people, particularly in our weather conditions in Nigeria and most parts of Africa. For those with a busy lifestyle, things can get really bad, and we start experiencing strawberry legs or scaly skin and cracked heels. If this sounds familiar, here are a few tips to help you get over this and stay on top of your dry skin care journey.Best Natural Cream in NigeriaUse a water based moisturizer. Preferably one with a high concentration of emollients like Shea, Cocoa, Mango Butter, etc and humectants like Glycerin or propanediol as seen in our pH Balancing Toner and our Facial Serum.

sunburn-facial-serumThese products will ensure that your skin attracts moisture from the environment instead of losing moisture to the environment, and they also lock the moisture into your skin layers so you stay hydrated for as long as possible.

Adunni Organics Lotions generally keep skin hydrated for up to 18 hours.

You also need to work on it from inside..

Increase your water intake. Ensure you drink the equivalent of 3 large bottles of water daily. Eat fruits daily. You can start your day with a fruit or have one as dinner so you can consistently get the vitamins and minerals your body needs from them.

A lot of people will tell you to scrub daily; don’t mind them…

You don’t need to scrub more than once a week, your skin is not a pair of jeans. Do not use a salt scrub, that will only worsen things as Salt dehydrates skin. Sugar, nut husks, and even Oatmeal are all good physical exfoliants.


Finally, let your skin breathe. Don’t harrass it with changing products every few weeks, wear light clothes (or none at all) when you are indoors, and bathe twice daily, leaving some of the water to dry on your skin before moisturizing.

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Lol. Many people make you feel scrubbing and exfoliating has to be daily. You made me laugh, your face is not a pair of Jeans.


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