Natural Skincare this Rainy Season

Natural Skincare this Rainy Season

So the rains are upon us…

While we agree that this is excellent “weather for two”, many people are not enjoying the rains, because its making it difficult to get around, power supply has become even more erratic, and everywhere you look is just wet and slimy. We may not be able to help with any of those things, but we thought to share some tips and pointers to help you with your skincare this rainy season in Nigeria.

It is important to use a very moisturizing soap during the rains as the skin tends to dry out due to all the humidity. moisturizing face washWarm water is not only perfect for driving up your temperature on cold rainy mornings, but will also combat clogging and in fact open up your pores so that they can absorb moisture.

Cleansing should be followed by a light moisturizing cream or lotion. As you know, we always prefer the natural route. Any Shea Butter, Mango butter, or Cocoa Butter based body butters will see your skin through nicely!

Regular exfoliation cannot be over emphasized as this will help your skin breathe as well as remove layers of dead skin to allow the fresh skin underneath to show forth!

Avoid heavy make-up which tends to clog the pores. Light products are best to let your skin breathe through all the rain, giving you ace skincare this rainy season.

If You Have Oily Skin

face care with Adunni Organics ProductsYour over active oil glands tend to secrete so much oil that your pores get blocked causing break outs from time to time.  To survive this damp weather, you need to do cleanse and tone your skin regularly. Toning is the process of tightening up your pores after cleansing and exfoliation (which opens them up), and not skin lightening as some think. It is necessary to close your pores back up to give your skin that smooth appearance that we all love, and to prevent dirt from getting in. If you are like me and you don’t have the time or energy to do a 2 step regimen, our Bed of Roses Bar Soap is for you. It is made with Rose Hydrosol which is one of nature’s best skin toners.

What About Dry Skincare this rainy season?

Moisture, moisture, moisture. Yes, it is raining and there is water everywhere, but the constant wetting and drying of your skin means that you lose a lot of moisture. An oil based moisturizer is best to seal in the hydration from your daily shower, and keep your skin pampered all day long. A weekly hydrating face mask will also help to rejuvenate your collagen and keep your skin yummy.

A simple recipe is 1 spoon of Honey mixed with 1 spoon of Glycerin applied to the face and decolletage for 15 minutes and then washed of with a Face Cloth, and followed by a dabbing of Rose Hydrosol. You will  be glad you did!

You are what you eat!

WOMAN eating healthyNourish your skin from the inside too! Balanced meals that are rich in vegetables and fruit will ensure that your skin glows no matter how dull the weather is.

Vegetables are full of Vitamins that boost your skin and improve its quality giving you a shine that no wet weather can dull.

Stay warm through out this season, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a thick scarf or cardigan in your bag or car. It could also serve as a makeshift hair cover if you get caught in an unexpected drizzle. Anyways, whatever the weather says, we’ve got you covered for skincare this rainy season, and all you need to do is stay happy!

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This is a nice blog. Thanks for the tips for oily skin. My face gets really oily when it rains.


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