How to clean the vagina and vulva

How To Clean Your Vagina

I saw a really dramatic argument about how to wash the vagina the other day, and I thought I should share this...
1. Soap is not meant for the vagina.. Soap has an alkaline pH which upsets the pH balance of the vagina and makes it susceptible to yeast infections.Β 
2. All those Cleansers and douching washes are a complete no. Your vagina is self cleansing..
3. Your vagina is not your vulva.. the vulva is the labia and clitoris. That area needs to be cleansed regularly. Twice a day for best results, preferably with flowing water; from a shower or poured from a bowl...
4. Whether to use washcloth/sponge or fingers is up to you. It's your body, do what is comfortable.. sha clean it..
5. Please do not put your fingers inside your vagina.. the only thing thay should go there are menstrual products and your lover. πŸ™‚
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