Treat and Prevent Dark Inner Thighs and Underarms

Treat and Prevent Dark Inner Thighs and Underarms

We get a lot of customers who complain about dark inner thighs and under arm (arm pit) area. If you have this issue, please pay attention. There are a number of causes for this situation, and I will try to address a few of them as well as simple remedies that will make a huge difference. The 2 major causes are friction and sweat retention, and both are related.

The arm pit and inner thighs are areas of the body that have skin touching skin constantly. This means that these areas retain sweat a lot and also get a lot of friction, particularly the inner thigh.

Sweat contains chemical excretions from the body, which can darken skin, and friction worsens the situation especially for my fellow thunder thigh women who have thighs that touch. Thankfully, the solutions are quite simple.

  • Bathe twice daily. It may sound like such a basic thing, but it helps to wash away sweat and allow your skin breathe.
  • For the dark inner thighs, get comfortable cycling tights that prevent your thighs from touching when you walk to avoid friction. 
  • Change your underwear regularly. Ideally, you should not use a set of undies for more than 6 months.
  • Exfoliate once a week with a natural body scrub to help the skin stay fresh and clear. This also has the effect of removing and top layers of skin that have accumulated sweat and darkened over time.
  • Use a pantyliner. This prevents moisture from the vulva from getting on the skin of the inner thighs, it also helps you stay fresh all day. 
  • Bathe with a good quality soap, and pay attention to these 2 areas. It is very easy to just skim over them during shower time, but giving them a good scrub (don’t hurt yourself o!) will make a big difference in a matter of weeks.
  • Do NOT apply powder to dark inner thighs or underarm areas, it will only make things worse.

Today is a good day to begin this routine, if you do all of this faithfully, you should see results by the end of November. You know we don’t do “7 days fast action” drama here. 😘

Any questions? Ask me!

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If I start doing it this week, when will I see results?


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