Why You Should Always Read Skincare Product Labels

Why You Should Always Read Skincare Product Labels

Hello! This is your skin conscience speaking….😃 and it is telling you to always read skincare product labels, and here is why..


A lot of us do not read product labels beyond the name and maybe the expiry date. This is how we end up using products that could have adverse effects on our skin. If we think about it, manufacturers are required to print the ingredients of products on the labels for a reason, and it is so that you the consumer can exercise your right to know what you are putting on your skin.


A lot of people have allergies, and it is important to know if a product will make you break out in hives or even send you to the ER as is common with nut allergies. When you read skincare product labels, you have peace of mind.


Ingredient interactions affect the results you get from your skin care routine. If you’re battling acne, and everything from face wash to toner to face cream and makeup remover contain salicylic acid, AHA, or any other acids, you could be overloading your skin which could make it just haywire with redness and peeling. Just read skincare product labels to be safe.


Many women are dealing with hormonal issues like PCOS and fibroids which can be worsened by regular use of products containing parabens. It is important to know if these are in any of your skin or hair products so one is not adding to the problem.


In some cases, as I’ve seen with a lot of “emergency skin care brands”, some people don’t even tell you what ingredients they bbn use, or they declare some and omit some. These are the scariest of them all, and my advice to you is to run. If they can’t openly list their ingredients, they are hiding something. And don’t let anyone tell you about trade secret. All the beauty brands in the US and EU declare their ingredients and they continue to grow.


In summary, take a closer look at that product label today and do yourself a world of good.
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