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Adunni Organics

Hair Gro Kit

Hair Gro Kit

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Our hair kit contains a herbal clarifying shampoo, a leave in conditioner for regular styling and moisturizing, a deep conditioner for hydrating treatment (AKA steaming) and an oil for hair growth which can also be used for hot oil treatments. Regular use will give a clean and healthy scalp with fuller and longer hair.

Hair Care Kit contains a herbal clarifying shampoo, a leave in conditioner for regular styling and moisturizing, a deep conditioner for hydrating treatment (AKA steaming) and an oil for hair growth which can also be used for hot oil treatments.

The secret to long and full hair is length and volume retention, and this can be achieved by regularly infusing the hair with the right proportion of nourishing, strengthening and conditioning ingredients like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Palm Kernel Oil and a number of essential oils which are known to stimulate hair growth and deal with mild scalp irritations.

All of these and more have been expertly combined in Adunni Organics Hair Care Kit to give you products that your hair will love. Regular use for 6 to 8 weeks will give you the most beautiful hair you have ever had.

Adunni Organics leave-in conditioner

Light enough for daily use, and strong enough to keep your hair moisturized for at days on end. Enriched with herbal infusions that reinforce the hair shaft while softening its cuticle, this leave-in conditioner will give your hair the perfect balance of strength and elasticity that will guarantee growth and volume.


This product is to be applied to clean hair and then styled as usual (including hair drying or straightening).  To protect hair and add shine, apply to damp ends in even sections, then blow dry and/or style. When using to detangle, use all over damp hair, including ends. Can also be used as a detangler on dry hair. For best results, use along with Adunni Organics Herbal Shampoo and Deep Conditioner.

Adunni Organics Deep Conditioner

Formulated with a blend of hydrating oils and hair nourishing herbs like Ginger and Tea Tree to strenghten the hair shaft while making it flexible and resistant to breakage and hair fall. This should be used to "steam" the hair and regular intervals for a few minutes and washed off.


  1. Part hair into 4 or more sections and dampen slightly.
  2. Apply Deep Conditioner to individual sections slowly using fingers and/or a comb
  3. Cover hair with a plastic cap and leave for 15 to 30 minutes. (use of heat is optional)
  4. Uncover hair and wash with Adunni Organics Herbal Shampoo.


Adunni Organics Herbal Shampoo

Sulphate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free and alcohol-free formula is made up of a blend of herbs and protein rich oils that give a conditioning shampoo that will clean your hair thoroughly without stripping it of its natural moisture.


Dampen the hair slightly and apply a small dollop of Adunni Organics Herbal Shampoo. Scrub gently, and rinse off with lukewarm water. Leave on for a few minutes to allow the essential oil blend to open up the scalp for a deep  scalp treatment. Follow with Adunni Organics Leave-In Conditioner to hydrate and moisturize the scalp and hair.


Adunni Organics Hairline Booster

Designed to fill up the spaces in your hairline caused by traction and illness related alopecia. Suitable for natural and relaxed hair.


Spray water to your hairline, and then with clean hands, rub the booster in using a circular motion. To be done twice daily.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This kit is magic. My hair has never had this kind of volume before. I am so impressed.

Dimeji D.

These products have been really good to my hair. The conditioners are my favorite of the bunch. I keep smelling the leave-in conditioner in the bath, that's how much of an impression it has made. Awesome stuff!

Ngozi Nwabu

The hairline booster works perfectly as described. The shampoo and conditioner made my hair full and thick. Great products.

Sandra O.

My hair is loving this hair kit like ki lo de. I use it for my daughter and now we can pack her hair. My front hair has started growing too, we have been using it for like 2 months and it is not even up to half yet. Very good!

Queen Obi

I first bought the shampoo because Moji told me that it will clear dandruff. It worked like magic! I ordered the full set amd my hair is looking so healthy now. My edges are growing and my hair is soft. No more itchy scalp thanks to Adunni.

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